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The roots of Daniel Padilla

Manila, Philippines – DANIEL’S ROOTS – One of the hottest young actors these days is Daniel Padilla, son of Rommel Padilla and Karla Estrada and nephew of Robin Padilla.

DANIEL Padilla The Padillas have been in showbiz for many generations, tracing their roots in Bulacan. Robin’s father was Roy Padilla, former Bicol governor, SSS commissioner, and producer, while his mother is Eva Carino, former actress.

Roy’s siblings include Leleng, Pempe, and Pilar Padilla, Ateng Osorio, Amado Cortez, Cristina Aragon, all of whom joined showbiz.

Rudy Fernandez was also a Padilla, his mother being Paz Padilla, sister of Leleng, Pempe et al. Also John Regala, whose paternal grandmother was Violeta Padilla, another sister.

And so Daniel Padilla’s cousins include Queenie and Kylie (Robin’s daughters), Mark Anthony Fernandez (Rudy’s son). He’s also related to Zsa Zsa, whose father Sonny (international boxing referee) is Robin’s cousin. Another relative is Gino Padilla. Even Ina Raymundo has Padilla blood (mother side).

How about Dencio and son Dennis Padilla? No relation, Padilla being only a screen name.

On Karla’s side, Daniel is nephew of brothers Antonio and Jay Aquitania, cousins of his mother.

POLITICS – Some of the Padillas entered politics.

Amado Cortez served as Quezon city councilor and later joined the diplomatic service (consul general in California with the rank of ambassador).

Roy Padilla Jr. was Camarines Norte (or is it Sur?) governor.

Robin and Rommel ran for elective posts in Nueva Ecija but lost.

Come to think of it, Jose Padilla Sr. (father of Leleng, Pempe et al) was Bulacan governor.

ALL IN THE FAMILY – Aside from the Padillas, there are other showbiz families who’ve been around for years.

HIGHSPEED names them as they come to mind, along with their “patriarchs.”

Cruz – Tirso Cruz III, Muhlach – Aga Muhlach, Salvador – Phillip Salvador, Gutierrez – Eddie Gutierrez, Ilagan – Robert Arevalo, Martinez – Albert Martinez, Estrada – Erap Estrada, Revilla – Bong Revilla, Sotto – Tito Sotto, Eigenmann – Mark Gil, Quizon – Eric Quizon, Santiago – Rowell Santiago.

Not to forget the Barretto family (Gretchen, Marjorie, Claudine), Diaz clan (Gloria and daughter Isabelle, niece Georgina Wilson, nephews Robin da Roza and Ilac Diaz), De Leons (Lilia Dizon and children Boyet, Pinky, and Melissa de Leon. And grandson Ian).

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