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Vandolph, Quizon boys wear Dolphy tattoo in memory of dad


Manila, Philippines –VANDOLPH had just had a tattoo of his father Dolphy’s image done on his forearm days before the Comedy King died last Tuesday night. This “24 Oras” reported Wednesday. The ink-and-needle work depicting Dolphy in fervent prayer was done by tattoo artist Jaime de Leon.

Vandolph was inspired to wear his own Dolphy tatoo after seeing some of his male kin wearing them. Dolphy’s grandson Rowell Quizon displayed his own Pidol tatoo for “24 Oras.”

Other Quizon boys like Boy2 and Epy, will reportedly follow suit.

The Dolphy tattoo will, from hence onward, be the mark of the family and will serve as a symbol and memory of love for their deceased patriarch.

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