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Gun ban in Bacoor, Imus

Manila, Philippines – A 39-day firearms ban was imposed for the cityhood referendum in Bacoor and Imus in Cavite this month.

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) set the referendum in Bacoor on June 23 while Imus on June 30.

The gun ban period in Bacoor is from May 21 to June 28 while Imus is from May 28 to July 5.

The ban includes other deadly weapons such as hand grenades and other explosives (except pyrotechnics), knives, other bladed instruments, and air rifles and air soft guns.

The Cavite Police Provincial Office (PPO) under Senior Superintendent John C. Bulalacao and the Bacoor and Imus police led by Superintendents Romano V. Cardiño and Hersan H. Mojica, respectively, have enforced the gun ban as specified in the Comelec resolution that contained the plebiscite period, calendar of activities, and prohibited acts.

The ban prohibits individuals from carrying or transporting any kind of guns and rifles and the other deadly weapons in buildings, streets, parks, eateries, and other public places and private and public vehicles or any conveyances.

Exempted from the ban are officers and men of the police and Armed Forces and citizens duly-authorized by the Comelec.

Violators would be meted one to six years imprisonment, disqualification from holding public office, and deprivation of the right to vote. Foreign violators will be deported after the jail term. (Anthony Giron)