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Spanish ship with artifacts found

Manila, Philippines – Divers from the National Museum and the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) have discovered a ship loaded with artifacts that sank during the Spanish period off Culasi Point in Roxas City.

Lieutenant Commander Algier Ricafrente, PCG Public Affairs chief, said that National Museum research divers Bobby Orillaneda and Ligaya Lacsina and French divers from the Far Eastern Foundation for Nautical Archeology sought the assistance of the PCG in the ongoing search of the site where the Spanish vessel sank.

Ricafrente noted that divers from the National Museum and Coast Guard Special Operations Group (CGSOG) went to the area 110 feet below sea level and conducted an underwater archeological survey that included photo documentation and sample retrieval of materials.

“The team was able to locate and pinpoint the sunken vessel which is currently lying on a seabed at 110 feet below sea level and it was largely covered with sand and broken pieces of artifacts scattered in the area,“ Ricafrente said. (John Carlo M. Cahinhinan)

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