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Ritz Azul: Flawless’ new face

Manila, Philippines – RITZ Azul was almost glossed over by the panel of judges in the TV5 talent search “Star Factor.“ The chubby 16 year old came to auditions wearing pigtails and for her talent pretended to be suffering from a headache. But there was no denying that this barrio lass from Pampanga had a beautiful face. She made the cut on that merit alone.

Through the course of the show, which pitted 17 teen talents against each other Ritz struggled with weight problems and turned in underwhelming performances until the week leading to the grand finals. She did a monologue about how her father had to cut down a banana tree in their backyard so he could sell the produce and put a down for her tuition. It was poignant and she was radiant. That sterling performance secured Ritz a slot in the Grand Finals.

The triumph was temporary, however, as the grand prize went to Cebuana, Eula Caballero while Ritz landed only 4th place. As early as then, however, Flawless already saw the young lady’s potential by choosing her for its special award. As did TV5. She was signed under the network’s talent development department Talent 5 and included in shows “PO5,“ “Hey It’s Saberday,“ guested in “Pidol’s Wonderland,“ “Willing Willie,“ “Magic Gimik,“ “Regal Shocker,“ “Star Confessions“ where her story was dramatized.

Before long her star started to shine. She was voted “Best Newcomer“ by Yahoo Awards, won the “Outstanding Break Through Performance by an Actress“ at Golden Screen Awards and nominated “Best New Female Personality“ in PMPC Star Awards. She was also signed in by Regal films for a three-picture deal.

But Ritz’s biggest break so far was when she was cast in the title role of TV5’s “Glamorosa“ opposite stalwarts Lorna Tolentino and Alice Dixon. The role was of a scarred young lady who is transformed into a beautiful woman through cosmetic surgery. This transformation parallels Ritz real life experience. Not only has she shed her baby fat she has been glammed up. Now Flawless is poised to launch Ritz as it’s newest endorser and TV 5 has great plans for its homegrown star.

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