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Xian Lim: Artist and… cager

Manila, Philippines – MUSICAL GIFT – Xian Lim, 22, may not look like it, but he is an artist, with the passion and emotion and sensitivity of one. He writes songs and plays the piano, cello, sax, guitar, and ukelele. Xian also sings.

The actor of “My Binondo Girl” fame got his musical gift from his mother, a piano teacher. Early on, Xian’s mother taught him how to play the piano, even if he has other interests, like playing basketball.

SONG FOR KIM – Xian is making good use of his gift of music in ABS-CBN’s soap “My Binondo Girl,” where he shares stellar roles with Kim Chiu, Matteo Guidecelli, and Jolo Revilla. His piano-playing in the nightly drama series is for real. Xian wrote a song for Kim, “Ako’y Sa ‘Yo Lamang,” on an impulse. Which turned out to be good enough to be the theme of the soap.

With apologies, in a manner of speaking, to Matteo and Jolo, it’s the Kim-Xian tandem which televiewers like best. Fans call it “Jandy,” for their TV roles Jane Dimagiba and Andy Wu. Or “KimXi,” for their first names.

US-BORN AND EDUCATED – Xian hopes to come up with an album, all-original, songs he wrote, of course. He looks up to Ogie Alcasid. During his younger years, his idol was Van Cliburn, incidentally Imelda Marcos’ friend and favorite pianist.

He grew up and studied in the US, Daly City, California, with his mother, who’s separated from his father, a Chinese mestizo who used to play for the University of the East and PBL. He came to the Philippines intending to join UE’s basketball team, but fate had other plans for him.

FINE ACTOR – Xian realized that acting was his real calling. It suits his artistic inclinations and moods. He confessed he’s too emotional for comfort, affected by little things. “I’m trying to hold my emotion,” he said.

Xian is getting good notices for his acting in “My Binondo Girl.” And of course his good looks—tall and fair. Ramp and commercial model material, which he also is. Xian is the newest Mint clothing line and Orotime Italian Trend Jewelry endorser.

In the indie “Two Funerals,” directed by Gil Portes, Xian was nominated best actor in Cinemalaya.

Xian said he attended all the workshops of Star Magic, realizing there are still much more to learn in terms of acting.

NEW LOVETEAM – After “My Binondo Girl,” Xian Lim is ready for bigger and better roles. Full stardom no less.

He has the looks, dedication, appeal and most important, talent.

Kim Chiu may have lost Gerald Anderson to Sarah Geronimo. But then she’s “snagged” Xian.

By the way, his mom has relocated here, sharing with her son a condo unit near ABS-CBN. She runs her business, real estate, via the internet. But come Sunday, Xian travels to Bulacan to be with his father.

Xian confessed he’s not a nightowl; would rather stay at home two write songs. But the he still plays basketball.

Actor, songwriter, singer, pianist… artist. And cager, too.

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  • divine grace

    Wow! My admiration for this guy notched up further because of this article. I’m always looking forward every night to watch him on My Binondo Girl.

  • gemmie

    Ang galing. I learned a lot regarding his family. all thanks to the writer! :)

  • Kimi

    Thanks for the wonderful article. Xian is really the hottest star right now.

  • Themedusa1966

    is xian related to samboy lim?

  • cyrel

    XIAN become a big star its because of KIM CHIUnbefore kahit sino ipartner kay XIAN hindi umaangat ang CAREER nyanonly A KIM CHIU help him to be the hottest..n

  • Adrian

    bagay sila ni Kin chiu at ang totoo yes si Kim ang lucky charm ng career nya.nkung bibigyan lang ng priority ng ABSCBN ang dalawang to mapapantayan or mahihigitan pa nila ang kimerald before.for me kc lahat napanood ko ang shows at mga tou ng kimeraldnat kulang pala sila dati sa kilig na makikita ngayon sa team up ng kim-xian.ntsaka kung bigyan ng chance na magsama ulit ang kimerald hindi na ito tulad ng dati.ngerald anderson is already geting to lost.d man agad2 pero hihina ang career nya itsnbecause he canot have kim anymore just like before.there fans is trying to accept kim-xiannunti2 na din silang nagigising kimerald is over.from kimerald-kimian,kimxi.jandy thats the most awaited next year…and career ni gerald ay unti2 na hihina sa acting lang sya magalingnang labanan ngayon more talent more chances..dancing dna uubra yan pag tumatanda na hindi tatangkilikin ng tao..

  • Idamariesantos

    Adrian is right. Xian is a big threat to Gerald’s career. His career will never be the same anymore. Lamang na lamang na sa kanya si Xian sa pagmamahal ng fans. He brought back the joy in Kim’s life. People can see how he cares for her and as a fan we felt the sincerity in his heart and that’s one of the reason why people accepted him. It’s his time to shine. When it’s time, it’s time .No one can stop it.

  • Fesalamat

    Xian and kim look good as a pair. Bagay sila and well liked as a loveteam. Hoping for movies and tele-series projects together.

  • janet

    sobrang bagay sila kaysa kay bugoy

  • Nice very. Well done . Congrats. Keep it up. n

  • after i read ds artcle nsbi ko srli ko dpat gwin cyang insprasyon ng mga kbtaan pra bng wlang bad side s knya prang postbo cya s buhay lgi gnmit nya ng tma ang talntong bngay s kanya ng dyos at totoong tao cya hndi cya nhhyang ipkta at iparmdam ang 2nay n nrarandman no mattr wt anong sbhin ng tao kng mtgal mn dumtng s knya itong strdme n ito its bcz nghhnap lng ng ryt timng c god and ds s it hindi n2 mwwla dhil c god my gus2 n2.talnted k xian at mb8 n ank at totoong tao at dhl dyan mmhlin k ng mga tao ng sobra sobra.

  • Very well said :) Although there are a lot of people criticizing him, as you said it is FATE that brought him to showbiz and not pursue his basketball career. Its not as if he is intending to use anyone (Kim Chui in particular). He is where he is now because of his talent and his big heart :) I genuinely believe that he is a kind person. XIAN! Do not feel down because of the critics, instead become motivated by them and prove them wrong :)