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LT vs. Alice in ‘Glamorosa’

LT vs. Alice in 'Glamorosa'

Manila, Philippines – RIVALRY ­ Seems the Lorna Tolentino-Alice Dixson rivalry on TV5’s primetime soap, “Glamorosa,“ extends even offcam. The tension is felt long after the camera has stopped grinding.

This was detected at the “glamorous“ and red-carpet presscon of the soap at Meralco’s Lighthouse restaurant, where LT and Alice ignored each other. Alice was “in character,“ trying hard to be witty, catty, bitchy… shades of Celia Rodriguez. LT was her usual cool, calm self.

How and where and when this offcam silent feud started have yet to be “resolved.“

In “Glamorosa,“ the two ladies play cosmetic surgeons ­ think Vicki Belo and Pie Calayan ­ professional and personal rivals.

TORN BETWEEN ­ Zoren Legaspi is the man torn between two lovers, Dr. Natalia Herrera (LT) and Dr. Paulina Valdez (Alice). He is Karl, streetsmart hoodlum whose good looks capture the hearts of the two doctoras.

It’s a big challenge for Zoren but then judging from the early episodes of “Glamorosa“ he’s up to it. While not as polished as, say soap co-actors Ronaldo Valez, Nonie Buencamino, and Tonton Gutierrez, Zoren has promise. Years back, he was nominated Urian best supporting actor for “Fatima Buen.“ The nomination surprised Zoren, asking: “Totoo ba ito o ekek lang?“

Zoren lost to John Regala, nominated for the same film, but the Urian nomination was big achievement enough.

Now, he’s also known as the tsismoso numero uno in “Paparazzi,“ TV5’s Sunday showbiz-oriented talk show.

LORNA’S CLEAR EDGE ­ How do Lorna Tolentino and Alice Dixson fare in the acting department?

LT has the clear edge, acting with heartfelt sincerity. In the scene where Zoren left her for Alice, she clearly “ruled“ the small screen without half trying. Alice gave it her best shot, but kulang pa rin. Must be her facial expression and voice which needs improvement.

But then LT’s the more mature and experienced actress, grand slam winner for “Narito ang Puso Ko.“

Zoren was okay and Gloria, playing Lorna’s sosyal mother, was good, very good.

STAR 2012 ­ Cast as Giselle in “Glamorosa“ is Ritz Azul, billed as one of TV5’s Princesses, playing the disfigured young girl caught between LT and Alice.

Ritz is pretty and sexy and talented. TV5 should by all means build her up as Star 2012.

Also appearing in “Glamorosa“ are Lotlot de Leon, Jenny Miller, Martin Escudero, Meg Imperial, Victor Silayan, and Ms. Celeste Legaspi in her comeback to acting. Will Celeste also sing?

Eric Quizon, Joyce Bernal, and Argel Joseph direct “Glamorosa,“ airing right after “Wil Time Bigtime“ weeknights on TV5.

Watch the acting duel between Lorna and Alice. It could be more realistic than cinematic.

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