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DTI warns public to be wary of sales gimmick, freebies or promo

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines (PIA) – ‘As a consumer, you have every right to say no’. This was the advice of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI-CAR) Consumer Welfare and Trade Regulation Division chief Atty. Sam Gallardo to the public during the PIA Hour radio program over DZWT last Thursday.

Gallardo made the statement in the wake of reports of increasing complaints of people being duped by sales promo offering gifts and freebies and eventually made to pay or buy something that they did not intend to do buy .

According to Gallardo, promotional sale is legally allowed as long as they have a government issued permit to do so. But he also warned the public to be wary or extra careful as he also reminded the consumers that not all freebies are actually free.

Gallardo thus advised the public that if they have some doubts or apprehension on the freebies being offered by certain company, they can also always check with DTI the legality of such commercial establishment or business enterprise.

He assured that for such cases of deceptive, unfair or uncontrollable sales act or practices, DTI is always ready to act on any complain. However, he emphasizes the help or full support of the consumers to pursue a strong case against such dubious person, company or establishments as he called on consumers to cooperate especially in reporting such incidents.

“The active participation of every consumer is very important for us. The consuming public working hand-in-hand with the government, together, we can ensure that the rights of every consumer are well protected,”Gallardo said.

In addition, Gallardo also reminded the public, as consumers that they also have a responsibility that they should also exercise. “There is an old word of wisdom (saying) – ‘Caveat Emptor’, a Latin word which means ‘Buyer Beware’, that tells us, as consumers, we should also balance our right and our desire to buy any products or even services”, Gallardo said.